How Do I Clean My Kuvée Dispenser & Spout?

Begin by removing the spout by giving it a counterclockwise quarter turn. Wash and rinse the spout with standard dish soap and warm water. Once the spout is dry, place the spout straight down into the neck of your Kuvée bottle. Then rotate the spout clockwise until you feel a click (about a quarter of a turn), which will lock the spout into place.

How to remove the spout from your Kuvée dispenser


Clean the outside of the bottle with a slightly damp cloth, making sure to avoid getting any water on the touch screen.

Use a microfiber cloth or other clean, dry cloth to wipe clean the the touch screen display area and the front of the bottle. You should never use a wet cloth or liquid cleaners on the touchscreen area.

You should never put your Kuvée bottle or the removable spout in the dishwasher.

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