My wine refill pours very slowly from my Kuvée bottle

First know that your wine will pour a little slower than a standard bottle of wine. The opening on both your Kuvée bottle and the wine refill bottle is not as large as a standard wine bottle, as a way of keeping the wine fresher for longer.  

That said, the pour should still be consistent, steady and not take much longer than a regular wine bottle to fill your glass. If your pour is more of a trickle, first make sure the foil tab on the neck of your wine refill is completely punctured, including the thin film under the foil, and that you are not trying to pour wine out of an almost empty refill bottle (your Kuvée bottle will show you when your refill is empty). 

If your bottle still has at least a glass or so left and the tab is completely punctured, please email us at with the following information: 

  • If it is a specific refill bottle you are having trouble with, or if it's all refill bottles. If it's a particular refill, let us know what bottle it is, and if you can remember, when you received it.
  • Your bottle serial number, located on the bottom of your Kuvée bottle on a white sticker. The serial number print is small, so if you can't read it, you can just send us a picture of the serial number. 
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