My Kuvée bottle doesn't seem to be charging.

First, make sure you are using the charging dock and adapter that came with your Kuvée bottle. 

If the power on your bottle is on, when you place your Kuvée bottle on the charging dock the touchscreen will light up with a sign that says charging. If the power is off or your bottle's battery has died, when you place your Kuvée bottle on the charging dock a green light will appear underneath the touch screen. It may take 20 minutes to turn on from a dead battery. 

If this doesn't happen when you dock your Kuvée bottle to the charging station, please contact us at so that we can fix this for you. When you email us, please include your bottle serial number, located on a white sticker on the bottom of your Kuvée bottle. Please note that the serial number is in fine print. If you can't read it, just send us a picture of the serial number.

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