I want to give Kuvée as a gift. How does my recipient set it up?

Giving Kuvée as a gift is simple. Here's what you do and how your recipient can set up their Kuvée bottle once they finish their happy dance. 

  1. Place your order for your recipient's Kuvée bottle. You can keep the order under your email address for confirmation to keep the gift a surprise.
  2. You'll also need to choose what address the Kuvée bottle will ship to. Whatever address you choose to ship to, please be aware that by law, someone over the age of 21 will need to be home to sign for the wine starter pack delivery.
  3. Once your recipient receives their Kuvée bottle, they need to set up their account. They can do this easily on kuveewine.com.
  4. With their account, they can set up their bottle and they are good to go.

All set. Time to enjoy some wine!

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